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Becoming the hands and feet of Christ (1)

I’m not going to tell the full story in this blog. For those interested, click on this link On Becoming the Hands and Feet of Christ or you can also access it on the right under HIV/AIDS documents. The three documents listed there are documents which I had published in theological journals in the past. They all have to do with HIV/AIDS.

Being confronted with people sick and dying all around us, our church realised that we had to do something. But what do you do when you live in a country where something between 40% and 50% of the residents are already HIV positive, when 8% of the total population are orphans and when people are “dying like flies” as someone once told me? Add to this that all around us people were praying: “God, widen my territory!” I just wanted to shout to people saying that we should pray that God widen our territory, that I can’t handle what I see happening. I don’t need anyone to widen my territory.

What happened then was quite amazing. In spite of what many Christians say, I have seldom experienced that God “speaks” to me – yes, He does speak to me through the Bible, but not physically that I can hear His voice as some people want me to believe. But one day, on a bus between Rotterdam and Utrecht, I experienced that God was speaking to me – I realised something in my mind which was so amazing, that I cannot say that it was anything less than God speaking to me. (Please read more detail in the document I mentioned.) What I realised was that I did not need to widen my territory – in fact I had to shorten the tent ropes so that we could work in a manageable area. And within that area, God wants us to represent Jesus Christ. We had to do what He would have done if He had physically been living on earth today. This was so simple. I shared what I understood to be a Godly vision with my congregation and they agreed to do this. And from this a home-based caring project started which today is influencing hundreds of people’s lives in Swaziland. But more about this later.

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  1. The “widen my tent” thing was pretty popular here for a while. I’m rather sick of all the jargon and fads that fly through here regularly. As I see it, it was a case of the “bigger is better” philosophy; people wanting to be big in the eyes of others and accomplish “great things”. The problem with this mentality is that we then end up looking so far out, we miss what G-d has for us right under our noses. I’m more and more impressed with you outlook and I’m thrilled that you heard G-d on that bus. We need to work with the need in front of us and then, perhaps, G-d will expand our territory.

    Comment by Maya | Saturday, June 30, 2007 | Reply

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