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Beyond the Gates of Splendor

I apologise for the long silence. I was away for some time and since my return home we’ve been experiencing a lot of internet problems.

I recently borrowed a DVD from a friend of mine. The title is: Beyond the Gates of Splendor and the sub-title reads: A true story of the ultimate sacrifice. Many of you may be aware of this history. Five missionary families went to the Equador during the 1950s and connected with a small tribe known as the Waodani. Although they seem to relate to these people, eventually they meet with a lot of hostility and the five men are eventually killed. What happens afterwards, is actually what this story is all about. The five men’s wives decide to live among the tribe together with their children as a sign of forgiveness. There they remain for many years and eventually many people from the tribe come to true repentance.

As I watched this, I asked myself the question: What drives someone to do this? The normal reaction would be that we would say to these people (literally): Go to hell! And yet these women made the truly remarkable choice to give these people a second chance. Could one say that the men had to die so that the tribe could receive true Life? Many questions came to mind as I watched this, but in the end I realised (once again) that this is what Christ had done for us. I haven’t answered all my questions yet, the most important being what I would have done in their position?

If you can find the DVD somewhere, it is really worthwhile to view.


Monday, June 11, 2007 - Posted by | Mission

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