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Christians: Retired or Re-Tyred?

Bryan’s comment on my post entitled Short-term outreach with a difference sparked some thoughts in my mind. Today I also read an article in a church bulletin which asks the question: “Retired from God’s work?” And this led to me asking the question whether Christians should retire or whether they should re-tyre?
Most people are forced to go on pension at some point in their lives: sometimes as early as 60, usually not later than 65 or 70 at the most. This is understandable. But does going on pension implicate that the person has to retire, or could it rather create a possibility for the person to offer his / her strengths and capabilities in the service of the Lord in a new place – to put on a new set of tyres in order to do a new job?
Let’s look at some possible scenarios. A Christian civil engineer / builder / plumber goes on pension but is still healthy enough to work. How many places on the mission field have buildings / churches / classrooms / clinics which need to be built and in how many places do we find the missionary, called and trained to preach and evangelise, trying to erect some kind of structure (and probably making a dismal failure of it)? What could it mean for the Kingdom of God if the missionary could be released to do what he has been called to do, while professional people, re-tyred, help with the building projects?
The same could apply to motor mechanics or auto electricians. People who have been called to preach often lie on their backs beneath mission vehicles for hours or days on end trying to get them in some kind of running state. With the lack of tools and the lack of knowledge, this often becomes a never-ending task. Unless if some re-tyred mechanics come along to help. What a difference this would make!
Doctors, teachers, dentists, ministers – yes, especially ministers – could offer their time and services within the Kingdom of God, once they have re-tyred. They are mostly self-supporting because they receive a pension. They have the knowledge and many years of experience. Why not use this within the Kingdom while health permits instead of letting it all go to waste?
Is this realistic or am I dreaming dreams?


Tuesday, June 5, 2007 - Posted by | Partnership, Short-term outreaches

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