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Giving without creating dependency (2)

It seems that this topic really caught some people’s attention. Perhaps I could share something of where I experienced “giving” in a very positive way. About 7 years ago one of our church buildings in Swaziland(made of stick and mud) collapsed during a massive storm. We then met under a tree for our church services. A congregation in South Africa (SA) had at that point been having regular contact with this group of believers and felt the desire to help them to erect a new church building. I then facilitated regular meetings with the local believers. On many Sundays the group from SA just joined us for a church service and after spending some time went back home (building relations). Then they started speaking about the church building.

Eventually someone from SA offered to design a building – totally out of the traditional way of building in Swaziland. Seeing a potential problem arising, I eventually suggested that we plan a more simple building and then give the local believers a chance to choose. They preferred the more simple building. When the work started the local believers were requested to help with the physical work while the people from SA would assist with the finances. From the start to the end there was communication between the two groups.

This project worked in a wonderful way and still remains to me an example of how things could be done.

I would like to hear of other people with “success” stories to share. I have a few more, but will share them at a later stage.


Saturday, May 5, 2007 - Posted by | Giving, Mission

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