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How different are Christians really?

As I am writing here, I am in Samara, a city about 1000 km (625 miles) south-east of Moscow in Russia. (This is part of the miracle associated with the internet.) The first time that I came to Russia was in 2001. One of the things that struck me on that first visit, was the immense difference between Christians and non-Christians. Wherever I moved on streets, in the subways or trams, I couldn’t help to notice the lack of emotion on people’s faces. This probably has quite a lot to do with the times of Communist rule when people tended to give as little as possible exposure to themselves. Laughing, crying, speaking loud or any similar emotions might just attract unneeded attention. And it is going to take time for this to change.
Except for the Christians. There was genuine joy being reflected from their faces and through their eyes. This wasn’t something learnt from a book. This was because of something which had truly changed them on the inside. I arrived in Samara on Sunday night and this morning (Monday) I started with lectures at a Bible Institute in Samara and after finishing there I was taken to another city with the name of Talyatti, about 100 km from Samara to another Bible School with evening classes. In both cases I was once again struck by the genuine joy in their lives. And this made me wonder, on my way back to Samara, how different are Christians really? How much can we learn from first-generation Christians about living out our faith?


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