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Easter in Africa

Those who read the introduction to my blog, will know that I am a missionary in Swaziland – have been in fact for more than 22 years. If you don’t know where Swaziland is – it is a small land-logged country between South Africa and Mocambique – a beautiful country with beautiful people. I grew up in South Africa. Traditionally Easter is a time for vacation in South Africa (probably in most Western countries). On Thursday after work families rush for their holiday destinations and they rush back as late as possible on Monday to be in time for work and school. No wonder that Easter and Christmas set records for road accidents.

 In Swaziland as in most African countries and in most Black churches. Easter is a weekend of worship. All over Swaziland believers congregate for a weekend of church services, praying and worshipping God literally from morning to night. It is actually amazing to see, even though it is difficult for people whose lives are ruled by a wristwatch to be part of this. As I’ve been seeing this happen year after year while at the same time hearing on the South African news channels how the statistics for motor accidents keep on rising throughout the weekend, I’ve been asking myself if we’re not missing something when the most important date on the Christian calendar is used solely for vacation.


Friday, April 6, 2007 - Posted by | Swaziland

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